Shoe sizes

Shoes sizes are expressed in shoe size numbers.

A certain amount of confusion therefore reigns concerning shoe size measurement systems, the origins of which are complex since they rely on different base and calculation systems.

The very simple table below will however help you to easily find your size from among the various options.

1. Measure your foot

Place a sheet of A4 paper (or two sellotaped together) against a wall, the short side of 21 cm touching the wall,
In your socks, put your foot on the paper, with your heel touching the wall
Make a mark immediately in front of the furthest forward point of your foot, usually the big toe
Measure the distance between the edge of the paper and this mark
To avoid mistakes, we recommend you carry out this exercise for both your right and left feet and use the longest distance!

2. Refer to the centimetres row in the table below.

It may be that you are between sizes (half size) e.g.: if your foot measures 25 cm you would be between a 37 and 38 (French sizes) and you should choose a 38 when the half-size is unavailable for your model.

Please note: most Italian firms employ their own measurement system and their sizes are generally a larger fit; for example a French size 36 is equivalent to an Italian 35 - 35 ½.

NB: NeroGiardini uses Italian sizes, so we recommend you choose the size or half-size below your own if you normally use French sizes.


Sizes Table